Would You Like to Receive the Exact Same Autoresponders that I Send to My Clients?

Each of my clients are sent an auto-responder email message every week giving them hints, tips and information on the following:

  • How to set-up automatic payments for the length of their program (if applicable)
  • What the next step of their program is
  • What stage they should have reached if they are to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time
  • Reminders of Blocking Factors and how to reduce them
  • Ideas of cleaner, higher quality products they can utilise
  • Tips on foundational health factors, like breathing, hydration and sleep
  • Tips on introducing Enhancing Factors
  • Tips on how to stay motivated
  • Recommendations on books, research papers, CDs and DVDs to help educate the client to understand what we are advising them to do
  • Reminders on when their program is due to finish
  • And much more…

Auto-responders are not only great for educating and motivating your clients, but long after your client has achieved their goals, they can still be receiving messages from you keeping them on track, but also reminding them of you. It is crucial that previous clients continue to remember you, because they are likely to have friends and family that have health challenges and when they do, if they’ve just received ¬†message from you, they are more likely to refer them to you.

When you subscribe to receive my auto-responder messages, you’ll receive one month’s worth of auto-responder messages exactly as I send them to my clients each week. You can then add the auto-responder message to your database and then send each one (after editing if required) to your clients in a timely manner using software like Aweber once they start working with you.

The autoresponder templates will be delivered in Microsoft Word file format and can be accessed immediately via download upon signing-up. Every month, you’ll receive one month’s worth (one per week) of autorepsonder templates.

To receive the auto-responders, you only need to invest the initial monthly fee of ¬†$7.95, plus a further $7.95 for each subsequent month that you wish to continue receiving the autoresponders. So hit the “Sign Up Now” button below and start receiving the autoresponder messages immediately.

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