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    I just want to report my experience with Leigh Brandon’s MT Coaching Success program. I highly recommend it to everybody in the health building business.

    To get successful outcomes with clients, you have to create the right understandings from the very beginning of your relationship. Leigh’s program gives you a step by step method for creating a relationship where you are in total control, including your fees and client accountability.

    I’ve been in this business for a long time and been very successful, but wow, this course gave me a number of new methods and techniques that I can’t believe I wasn’t already using. Integrating just a couple new tools right away has made my life easier. The course will give some of you a new level of confidence in dealing with people.

    If you want to improve your success rate, your collections and your reputation, take this course and put the techniques into use. The FDN Mentors and I and the rest of my staff are all on board.

    Great job Leigh!


    Reed Davis, CN

    Instructor, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification Course

    Clinical Advisor, BioHealth Diagnostics Laboratory

    Dear Leigh, Thank you so very much for offering this program! It has completely changed my approach with new clients & the process I use with my established Metabolic Typing clients. I would highly recommend that all CMTA’s take Leigh Brandon’s MT Coaching Success Program. The client assessment and motivation tools are invaluable for achieve the type of success you and your client both desire. Plus the Bonus session is fantastic!!

    Thanks again Leigh!

    Rosemary Benjamin, BSc, DC, CMTA II, FDN


    I have had invaluable experience and fantastic success with the ready test and this has set the start of my refreshed business. I have gained the confidence needed to implement my metabolic typing advisor roll and proceeded to ensure I take on those that will succeed and in turn rate the experience in their life very highly. Having had limited time and money at the time of the course it was one of the best investments I have made. Thank you for all that you provided me with.

    Sam Weir, CMTA


    Straightforward, easy to implement tools that guided me to becoming a better listener, ask clients more thoughtful questions…I found this course to be very valuable and insightful.

    Thanks again!

    Rebecca CMTA


    This programme has been one of the best investments I have made in terms of a financial return! The structure is perfect with plenty of extra material and practical advice that is easy to apply. I have recently had to begin a waiting list and I think the techniques taught by you have a large part to do with this!

    Highly recommended. Thanks again.

    Mike Casey BSc (Hons) CHEK I HLC I CMTA I


    Leigh’s MT Coaching Success Program is a great adjunct to the basic Metabolic Typing training in that it expands upon how to easily and successfully apply what we have learned. You will learn how to save time, improve efficiency, ensure client compliance, and ultimately increase your clients’ satisfaction and your own profitability. All of this under Leigh’s fantastic, easy to follow coaching style. As a CHEK professional, FDN, and CMTA, I would highly recommend Leigh’s program to anyone wishing to improve the quality of service they can provide to their clients.

    Michael Buron CMTA


    Leigh, thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience! Your MT Coaching Success program is an excellent program for new and seasoned CMTA’s alike. It provides the tools necessary to build and maintain a successful MT business.

    Anne Chaplinsky CMTA


    Leigh’s user friendly, step by step process has been a real eye opener & helped me to identify some crucial shifts that I need to take in my MT, personal training, & MAT practice.

    His coaching is key if one is to make optimal use of their time during a work day and insure progress.

    Adam Figueroa MATCS,HLC3,CPT,PES,CMTA2


    Boy, have I been challenged in my practice!  So many people with so many health issues, and wanting magic pills.  Thank God for Leigh Brandon’s MT Coaching Success Program; I have been working with him for two weeks now and I can certainly see why I was getting all these noncompliant clients.  Now I know better. Being a CMTA is not easy, I can say that; I have a lot to learn, and I am sorry for those who have come to me in my learning phase.

    Martha Cardenas, CMTA


    Your program has completely changed the way I do business and I’m very excited about it.

    Daniel Roid, CMTA, FDN


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